Global Warming poses a major threat to the world’s climate and population. Its anticipated negative consequence is a big driver of the environmental agenda. While significant numbers of skeptics exist, the overwhelming evidence is there to support the idea that mankind is causing a major shift in climate.

The UN has invested its credibility in the IPPC which last published in 2007 ( and will publish again in 2013.

A good summary of the case for man-made (anthropogenic) climate impact can be found at If you would like to check out the skeptic views, see this website We all love a good conspiracy theory and like to thumb our noses at authority from time to time. The climate deniers exploit this. While the majority view is probably broadly correct, the variations in climate from year to year, specifically the recent severe winter, is causing confusion. While the earth is undoubtedly warming on average, natural variations always occur, counteracting the manmade influence to some extent. A very good explanation of the issues can be found at . We recommend you look at authoritative climate websites such as, in the US and in Germany

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