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Global warming induced by human activity is now well established. The key driver in increasing global temperatures is the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natrural gas. In order to reduce our dependency on these materials and to improve the environment more and more businesse are switching to renewable sources or energy,... Read More

Carbon Management

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The burning of fossil fuels drives the concern for carbon in the atmosphere. Increasing levels of carbon dioxide (up from 250 to 390 ppm since the start of the Industrial Revolution) are believed to be the main factor. We all need to reduce our Carbon Footprint. This is the amount of CO2 we each produce... Read More

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Many large organizations have already decided that they need to address the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, known as CSR. This involves assessing their impacts and influences in the areas of environmental, social and economic sustainability. When an organization understands its impacts, it can then begin a programme of improvement. The best way to understand... Read More

Management Standards

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Achieve ISO 9001, 14001, 14064, OSHAS 18001. If you trade internationally you will find that it is an increasing requirement to comply with well-recognised management standards. The benefits of compliance usually far outweigh the challenge of achieving compliance, which can be made easy with the right leadership and... Read More