Environmental Strategy Questionnaire

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1. Background

A. Describe business in general and what needs the business meets in the marketplace?
(2–3 sentences)

B. Do you provide services and/or products or both?
(1 paragraph)

C. What are your business’s key objectives over the next two years? Percentages are good enough but absolute numbers can also be used, if known.
• Number of customers
• Revenue
• Profit
• Market share

D. Describe company structure, number of sites, geography, interlinkages.

2. Environmental Dimensions

A. What is the principal business activity?

B. How would you describe your main environmental impacts?

C. Are there industry trends that could affect these environmental impacts?

D. Does the company possess any environmental licences, eg. IPC, IPPC, Waste Permits?

E. Does your business comply with any management standards, ISO 9001, 14001, OSHAS 18001, ISO 16001 at any of its sites?

3. Energy Spend

A. What is the company’s annual energy spend? Include electricity, gas, oil, transport fuel etc.

B. Does the company operate company owned vehicles, give details and numbers?.

C. Have you implemented any energy reduction programmes to-date?

D. Has the company been involved in any renewable energy activity or carbon measurement to-date?

E. Do you know if your main competitors are actively working on energy management?

4. Waste Dimensions

A. What is the company’s annual waste spend? Include all sites, solid, liquid etc

B. Have you implemented any waste reduction programmes to-date?

C. Describe the key aspects of your waste generation, quantity per year, nature, composition etc

D. Have you implemented any recycling programmes in recent times?

E. Are you familiar with the waste hierarchy concept?

5. Strategic Significance of the Environment

A. How do your customers view your present environmental performance?

B. What benefits in the marketplace do you anticipate from improving your environmental performance?

C. Have you completed any risk assessment to identify any particular environmental or resource issues for your business?

6. Communications

A. How does your business communicate business-wide strategy?

B. Have your employees been involved in any improvement initiatives in the last two years?

C.How are environmental responsibilities defined in your business, where does the “buck stop”?

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